Ultrafast Drop on Demand. With Piezo Power at the Heart of Your Application.

Highly precise and dynamic dosing of different fluids is a basic requirement for many automated industrial processes. Piezo technology has been the key to numerous printing and dispensing applications for several decades: printing on circuit boards with adhesives or precisely dosing soldering pastes on electronic chips, dosing melted polymers or printing with ink and other media – it’s all possible with the help of piezo actuators. Piezoceramic elements impress with incredibly fast displacement, enabling accurate dosing of finest liquid volumes down to the picoliter range. Due to their high force development, they allow for dispensing highly viscous media.

A reliable operation of automated production lines not only requires durable actuators but also a dynamic motion of the components. Our patented PICMA® multilayer actuators are characterized by high durability while displaying low voltage operation.

With our extensive piezo actuator technology and customizable piezo elements, PI is your partner for the following applications:

Dispensing Media with High Viscosity
Droplet Generation
Array Spotting
Paper Printing
3D Printing
Ultrafast Dispensing of Adhesives and Soldering Pastes
High-precision dispensing is used in automated industrial production lines, for example, in the manufacturing of electronic components by printing contacts on circuit boards, microchips, or adhesive dots. For this purpose, highly viscous materials such as adhesives or soldering pastes are dosed ultrafast as finest droplets. The piezo actuators used have extremely fast response times in the microseconds range and frequencies up to a few Kilohertz.
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Enabling 3D Printing with Different Materials
Additive manufacturing with 3D printing methods opens up completely new possibilities for manufacturing complex components: Individualized prototypes or customized products can be very quickly produced on the basis of CAD data. The most complex geometrical shapes are produced this way, and can even be printed with changing materials and material properties. The piezo actuators used in this process work with the fastest response times and above all with high force.
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High-Performance Printing Using the Inkjet Process
Printing technology has long evolved past the boundaries of paper printing. There are no limits to the choice of printing material: Paper, plastic, ceramic, or metal. Especially in dynamic printed image generation such as digital printing, large areas can be continuously printed with the highest resolution in the shortest time. The piezo actuators used for this purpose work with ultrafast response times and high frequency.
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