Process Automation at Its Best. With Piezo Power at the Heart of Your Application.

Ultrasonic transducers are widely used in today’s industrial environment. As a sensor component, they ensure a completely contactless and contamination-free flow and enable measuring the filling level of liquids and gases, detecting air bubbles, or the determining viscosities. Piezo technology contributes significantly to process automation by making process steps faster and more efficient, e.g. in industrial plants or production lines. In industrial applications as well as in marine technologies, piezo ceramics improve sonar or underwater communication using ultrasonic hydroacoustics. Furthermore, ultrasonic transducers can be used to monitor boreholes or components that are difficult to access, such as the rotor blades of wind turbines or the legs of oil platforms.

With more than 25 years of experience in assembling technology and manufacturing ultrasonic transducers, we offer support in applications such as:

Flow Metering
Level Detection
Air Bubble Detection
Viscosity Determination
Acceleration Measurement
Object Recognition
Nondestructive Testing
Structural Health Monitoring
Sonic Logging
Completely Contactless Monitoring of Liquids and Gases
Completely Contactless Monitoring of Liquids and Gases
Fully automated flow measurement or air bubble detection is the basis of many industrial systems in which liquids are moved and need to be monitored. Whether in consumer- or large-scale water meters, gas flow measurement in pipelines or air bubble detection in plants of the food or pharma industry – ultrasound can detect the flow of various media contactlessly and thus without any contamination.
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Communicating Under Water Over Several Kilometers
Communicating Under Water Over Several Kilometers
Ultrasound is not only used by dolphins and whales, but also in sonar technology: Piezo components generate and detect ultrasonic waves in sonar devices. This enables the scanning and mapping of the bottom of the sea – just like geographic mapping on land, but underwater. The data obtained is easily transmitted remotely, i.e. without cables. Sonar technology can be used for communication or to control marine systems.
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