Enabling Liquid Handling Applications, e.g. Point-of-Care/Lab-on-a-Chip Systems with High-Precision Droplet Generation Using Microfluidic Piezo Devices.

The requirements of fluid handling in medical processes such as in vitro diagnostics are extremely demanding: Very small volumes of liquids with different characteristics need dosing or have to be moved with high precision. The technology used must be able to implement shock-free dosing as well as the generation of perfect droplets, taking into account the viscosity and surface tension of the media as well as dosing speed. Liquid handling tasks are often executed contactlessly to avoid contaminating the samples. Piezo-driven microfluidic devices are used to distribute and control small liquid volumes in the milliliter to picoliter range.


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Webinar: Faster Analysis and Higher Throughput for Invitro Diagnostics

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They enable liquid handling applications in the fields of in vitro diagnostics and lab automation such as:

Omics, e.g. PCR or Genomic Sequencing
Molecular Diagnostics, e.g. ELISA Testing
Point-Of-Care & Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Microarray Spotting
Cytometry & Single Cell Isolation

Using piezoelectric actuators, liquids of the most varied viscosities, such as testing fluids or samples, can be controlled precisely and ultrafast. When manufacturing assays for in vitro diagnostics, for example, the generation of liquid droplets down to the picoliter range enables more efficient scaling of these systems.


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